The latest images to escape the confines of a digital nexus and become hardcopy reality.

NOTE: Yes, these images are a little crunchy looking with all the compression artefacts, we don't like them much either. We also don't like watermarked images but that'll be the only way we can show better quality images while protecting them from unauthorized use.
This site will primarily use these smaller images, typically 600 pixels on the longest side and highly compressed, as the main display format to enable fast loading on your browser. We intend to make each of these images a link you can click which will then load a larger, high quality image which is watermarked. This will give viewers a much more clear and closer look and will not slow down your browsing experience as you will only load them whenever you click on a link to see one.
Deployment of these high quality previews is planned for mid to late January as images are moved from here into the main gallery.


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Sorry about the watermarks.
You really need to see the full-sized print to appreciate the image.
Larger versions will be added to the gallery later in January.

Violet Voyageurs

Two Willows

Four Amonth the Fallen

9th Street Bridge, SW

9th Street Bridge, SE

Blue Cracked Garden Glass (tentative title)

Green Glass 1190

Green Glass 1191

Green Glass 1192

Green Glass 1193

Political Landscape, one example from the series of 12 images. Click on the picture to be taken to the whole set of them.

Night Streaks, chance intervenes on a long exposure of a passing truck, improving the shot in a way I hadn't thought of doing.

Grape Hyacinth, available individually or get all 3 to add a theme to your wall.
A slightly different aspect ratio on the 2nd image creates some differentiation.
(e.g. 8x10, 8x12, 8x10)

Peony Prayer, emerging from the ground in springtime, the rich red color of this peony shoot hints at the deep pink its blossoms will display in a few months.

Four On The Floor, four large mushrooms hiding in the shadows under a hedge, stylized

Lorraine's Terrain, a vivid meadow and mountain vista, stylized

Delphinitely, a stalk of delphiniums, stunning as an 18x12 inch print in a black frame

Rose In Vase, color-tinged edges on it petals and bubbles on the inside of the vase combine in an unusual arrangement.

Little Stream, towering trees and a mountain background enhance the perspective of this stylized image.

Late Summer Pond, moody sky and leaves starting to turn color around a pond in September, stylizing adds to the impact.

Dragonfly on Poppy Bud, a shy yellow insect perched on a flower bud, both suffering a little damage

Four of of Five, This brightly colored cluster of leaves normally consists of five individuals.
I've only seen this tree's leaves have such vivid colors like this once in 15 years.
Likely because the colors changed very fast, by the next day there was little color left to look at and this one faded within hours after being photographed.

Corner Post, stark texture of wood and barbed-wire in a snowy landscape.
Silver-tinted black-and-white.

Fence In Snow, stark contrast of posts and barbed-wire against brilliant snow.

Bird House and Barn, one of many weathered little birdhouses attached to fence-posts in rural Alberta with an abandoned barn in the background and light snow falling.

Abandoned, a derelict old farmhouse stands alone with ominous clouds hanging low in a stormy springtime sky.

Southbound, Canada Geese take to the air with an old barn in the picture. Flocks of geese can be seen in the upper right area of the full sized image.

Bird On An Old Barn, a prairie scene after harvest is over and the autumn sky threatens showers.

Eagle Hill Shower, a small rain shower traverses the South edge of Eagle Hill with a tilled stubble field in the foreground.

Sun Zee, a brilliant late morning sun in a crystal clear Alberta sky lights up an area of montane landscape somewhere North-East of Banff.

Wind Resistance, this tenacious tree clings to the ground and survives strong chinook winds that whip along the banks of Abraham Lake in Southern Alberta.

February Snow, a howling North-West wind drives snow nearly horizontal making the abandoned log-contruction house look even more lonely.

Velvet Queen, this exquisitely colorful sunflower blossom radiates intense color on an otherwise dull and overcast day.